Some Good Information You Need To Know

     When our bones and treats come out of the smoker, they may have natural oils from the warm smoking process. To lessen this, you can wrap your treats in a paper towel to remove excess oils.  Place your pet in a designated area if you would like, until the treat has been licked clean.  After treats are given to your pup, that particular treat will be fine left out. 

       Some of our bones may have marrow or a little meat still on the bone.  If your dog does not get a lot of treats, it is wise to spoon out the marrow or remove some of the meat as it is very rich for your dogs system if he/she is not familiar with treats.  Marrow bones that your dog has licked clean can always be re-stuffed with peanut butter, sweet potato, etc to reinvent old bones.  

      Store any unused treats in the freezer for storage.  Frozen bones and treats can be given to your dog as a cold treat.  Any pieces that become smaller than your dog's mouth, please discard.   All of our treats are intended as a treat and not as a food replacement. Please make sure that your pet has plenty of fresh water around while chewing. 

      If you have any questions or concerns

please contact us!

Our products can be purchased at local farmer's markets that we participate in around the valley. We also offerFREE DELIVERY every Sundayfor our local customers! We hand deliver all of our fresh products to Phoenix and the surrounding area. We also ship US wide!  Our products are ALWAYS pulled from our smoker the SAME DAY that they are delivered/shipped!